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  • EMAIL- jazedm@hotmail.com
  • PHONE- 4242546641


  • Pinkerton Model and Talent Co. Leslie McMillan -Agent. 555 W 5th St, 35th Floor, Los Angeles, CA, 90013. 760 218 5667 . mcmillantarts1@aol.com


  • Spoonful                                            Starring                     Director- Konstant Vlas-USA
  • Besetzt-Busy                                      Lead                          Hessen Television Productions Germany
  • Scientology-Fundamentals of Thought     Supporting                  Golden Era Productions-USA
  • Scientology-The Way to Happiness         Featured                     Golden Era Productions-USA
  • Preloved                                            Lead                          Director-Jim Metcliff-Australia
  • Bag Snatcher                                      Lead                          Director-Jaan Ranniko-Australia
  • Knock Knock                                       Lead                          Director -Max Kameshine-Germany
  • The Projectionist                                  Supporting                  Director -Michael Bates-Australia  


  • The Great Food Truck Race                   Series Regular            Food Network-USA
  • Leroy's House                                     Series Regular            Pilot-SAG New Media-USA
  • Barbie Babes                                      Series Regular            Pilot-Imaginaut Entertainment-USA
  • The Lucky Country                               Series Regular            Pilot-Dynamite Entertainment-Australia
  • Mc Leod's Daughters                            Guest Star                  Channel Nine Network- Australia
  • All Saints                                           Guest Star                  Channel Seven Network-Australia
  • The Things We Love To Hate                 Recurring                    American Discovery-USA


  • Great Books For Women                    Series Regular-Host        Hotpoint Media-USA
  • Dances With Films Festival                 Red Carpet Host-Live      Imaginaut Entertainment-USA


  • The Good Parents (Novel)                 Narrator                       Audible Books-USA
  • Australian Government                     Announcer                    Australian Government-Australia

COMMERCIALS                                Available on request

  • INTERNATIONAL THEATER (partial list)
  • The Memory of Water                     Catherine                      Promenade Playhouse-CA,USA
  • The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe          Susan                          Creating Arts Company-CA,USA
  • Snow White                                   The Queen                   Creating Arts Company-CA, USA
  • Pirates of Treasure Island                Captain Emily               Creating Arts Company-CA, USA
  • James and The Giant Peach              Aunt Sponge                 Creating Arts Company-CA, USA
  • Importance of Being Earnest            Cecily                          The International Theatre-Frankfurt,Germany 
  • The Heiress                                  Marion                          The International Theatre-Frankfurt,Germany
  • Threepenny Opera                         Vixen                            Frankfurt English Theatre-Germany
  • Connie Changs Cabaret                  Chantelle                       National Tour and Sydney Opera House-Australia
  • Connie Chang Reunited                  Chantelle                       Melbourne International Comedy Festival-AUS
  • 10 000 Cigarettes                          Jessica                         Seymore Center-Sydney Australia   
  • Matt and Ben                               Matt                              Darlinghurst Theatre Company-Australia
  • Blue Surge                                  Heather                         Darlinghurst Theatre Company-Australia
  • Saturday 3pm                              Georgie                         Newtown Theatre Company-Australia
  • I Want My Money                          Thorny                          Newtown Theatre Company-Australia
  • Capoiera-Rio Rhythms                    Lucinda                        Newtown Theatre Company-Australia
  • The Game of Love and Chance        Sophia                          Deakin University Melbourne-Australia
  • The Duchess of Malfi                     Cariola                          NIDA Parade-Sydney-Australia
  • Councellor at Law                         Bessie                          NIDA Parade-Sydney-Australia
  • The Accrington Pals                      May                              NIDA Parade-Sydney-Australia
  • Hot Fudge                                   Grace                           NIDA Parade-Sydney-Australia
  • The House of Bernarda Alba          Adela                            NIDA Parade -Australia
  • Once In A Lifetime                       Miss Chasm                   NIDA Parade-Australia


  • 2001-2004-Bachelor of Dramatic Art-Acting-NIDA-National Institute of Dramatic Art-Sydney-Australia
  • 2008-2009-Giles Foreman School of Acting-Character Analysis and Yat Malmgren technique-London- UK


  • 2006-2008-Charles Sturt University-Post Graduate-Education-Drama-Australia
  • 2008-2010-Charles Sturt University-Post Graduate-TESOL (ESL)-Australia


  • 2003-Stage Fighting skills-Certificate Level 1-Sydney -Australia


  • Australian, Standard American (iincluding Boston, New York, Southern) UK (Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Northern, RP, Estuary), South African, Indian, Eastern European, German, Spanish, South American, Hispanic


  • Dancing- Ballet, Modern, Jazz (professional), Singing- Mezzo (Professional), All Sports, All Accents ( Including all American and British dialects), Drivers License, Additional Languages-German (intermediate).